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Casinos with cash deposits

Casinos with cash deposits

The ability to deposit and withdraw cash to an online casino account has historically been limited to vouchers and pre-paid cards such as Paysafecard (formally UKash), among others. However, nowadays, some of the major bookmakers in the UK allow deposits and withdrawals to an online casino account with a local bookmaker, using a special card that is no different in appearance from a regular bank card.

UK casinos that accept cash deposits

You can only make cash deposits and withdrawals at the larger online casinos (with in-store presence), but most of the major players allow it and it’s easy. Below you will find details on how to use this system, and using the table above, you can easily see a list of online casinos that accept cash as a payment method.

How to use cash deposits at online casinos?

If you use a bookmaker’s services and want to use cash to fund your online casino account instead of paying with a debit card, you’ll be happy to know that you can do so, and all you need is a “casino card.” First we’ll look at how to set up one of these cards with a general example. It’s also good to note that the specific registration processes at each bookmaker will vary slightly, but the general idea remains consistent at all major bookmakers.

First, go to your local bookmaker. At checkout, ask to set up a store card/online account and give the required information to the store employee.Have your ID with you, as you may need to show it to the cashier before the account can be created.Once the cashier has entered the information, you will receive a card – it looks like a debit card and contains your membership number.

That’s it! Your account is now created. Now you can load funds onto your card at the cashier, using cash or loading them from your bank card. Now let’s take a look at how to use your card – assuming you’ve loaded money onto it – to deposit at the online casino of your choice.


First, after logging into your online casino account, select “Pre-Paid Bookmakers Card” from the list of options.Enter the amount you want to deposit, enter your membership number (or other required card details) and click submit.Assuming your card has available funds, that’s it. Your funds will now be available in your online casino account and will be instantly debited from your card.

It’s that simple, and with this innovative technology, you can now use cash at local bookmakers and play with it at the online casino of your choice within minutes.


Withdrawal is usually as simple as deposit, and the biggest advantage of withdrawing with a bookmaker card is that you can receive the funds in cash. In addition, you don’t have to wait 3-5 days as you would when using a debit card to withdraw.

To get started, first go to Online Casino Banking and select a withdrawal option. Select Bookmaker Card as the withdrawal method, choose the amount you want to withdraw and click submit. It really is that simple.Once the casino has processed your withdrawal request (some are instant, while others can take up to 24 hours), the funds will be available on your card right away and you can use them at the store to place bets, play FOBTs (fixed-odds-betting-terminals) or get cash from the cashier.


Using cash to deposit at online casinos is preferred by many players because it offers both anonymity and speed. You have full control over your money, and any withdrawals can be taken immediately in cash at your local bookmaker. Other benefits include:

Easy transactions. Using cash, you don’t have to wait, you don’t have to check security at the bank or anything like that. Just load your card at the cashier and start playing online.By using cash, you don’t use debit cards, which ensures that you won’t pay fees at online casinos – both for deposits and withdrawals.Control over the game. Since you have to manually load cash at the cashier and then go home and play, you have much more control over your gambling than if you were to use a debit card, for example. This is ideal for gamblers who want to enjoy a casino game without the risk of losing control or falling into a tilt.

Disadvantages of

The main disadvantage of cash is that you must manually go to the store and load cash onto your card. While this will be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the player and their store locations, some will find it inconvenient. A few other disadvantages are:

If you run out of funds, you will have to go back to the bookmakers and load more cash if you want to refrain from using other payment methods.Easy access to gambling. For those who find it difficult to gamble on machines at bookmakers, using cash in this way can increase the chance of overspending. This is not a problem for most players, but something to be aware of.

Besides, it’s hard to fault cash deposits and withdrawals, and below you’ll see the best online casinos that accept this unique source of funding.

Author: Marcia Lawrence